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Prom night is one of the most exciting nights of your high school career! It is so much fun to get dressed up and take your date to a nice dinner leading up to the big dance. Picking out the perfect tuxedo for the prom can be exhilarating, but if you do not know what you are doing then it can turn out to be a disaster. Read more below for tips to picking out the perfect tuxedo for prom so that your night will go smoothly.

Plan in Advance

plan in advance to pick out the perfect tuxedo for prom

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to pick out your tux for prom. It is not recommended to wait until the week of to start planning on where you are going to buy or rent your tuxedo. Pick out a few different shops in your hometown that you can choose from and get it rented several weeks before. From here, hang it up in a safe place before prom night arrives!

Establish a Budget
establish a budget to pick out the perfect tuxedo for prom

Set a budget before you even begin searching for the perfect tuxedo. This will help you figure out what shop you will want to rent/buy from and will also narrow down the accessories you are going to include. Make sure you shop around before making your final decision. This will help you save the most money in the end.

Know Your Color
know your color to pick out the perfect tuxedo for prom

If you are wanting to match your date, make sure that you know what color they are going to wear. This will make it easy for you to match them for the dance. Plan on matching either a tie or bowtie, or even a vest under your coat. There are fun accessories that you can also get to match your dates colors such as cuff links and pocket squares.

Know Your Body Type
know your body type to pick out the perfect tuxedo for prom

In order to pick out the best tuxedo for you, it is crucial that you know your body type. This will help steer you towards different styles and drive you away from others. For example, men with bigger legs will most likely get a loosely fitting pant rather than a slim fit style. This also pertains to the jackets. Making sure the tuxedo fits comfortably according to your body type will make your night more enjoyable.

Preparing for prom night is very important and will eliminate any headaches. By following the tips above, you will surely have a pleasant experience with picking out the perfect tuxedo. It will be well worth it, and your night will be on to remember!